I don’t promise to be entertaining, but after the last couple days, I owe you a post in which I talk about stuff that didn’t go wrong.

First of all, everyone was fine with a peanut butter sandwich this morning. That was huge. (Just kidding. It was nice, though.)

I went to the orthodontist, and my upper back teeth are moving forward like they’re supposed to.

Then I went to perhaps the most productive IEP meeting ever in Princess Zurg history. We established a behavior plan and set up minor accommodations without any fuss. No fuss! I had to pinch myself. Just kidding. Well, I probably should have. Then we brought Mary in and went over the changes with her. She was subdued, if not enthusiastic. I wasn’t expecting enthusiasm. Subdued was good. The vice-principal lifted the suspension and she spent the rest of the day at school, in the resource room, and over the course of the day she got to meet briefly with each of her teachers (most of them anyway). Tomorrow she will start attending her regular classes and, God willing, I won’t have to see her for seven hours. No offense to her.

I feel hopeful.

Bonus: I got pulled over by a cop this afternoon, and he let me off with a warning. Then I really did pinch myself!

Plus, I still don’t have cancer. (Haha, I just felt like I needed another item.)