1. The web site called “Women Get It Free.” I have some friends on Facebook who like it and every day I am treated to updates regarding what they have liked on “Women Get It Free.” It isn’t the fact they’re getting stuff for free that bothers me. It’s the ambiguity of the title “Women Get It Free.” The vagueness of the “It” out of context. I can’t ever see “Women Get It Free” and not think, “Of course women get it free. Sometimes they even get paid to get it.” Because that’s the kind of sicko perv I am.

I think it’s actually a coupon site or something. In which case it ought to make me uncomfortable because it’s sexist. But biology is sexist too, as any women getting it for free (or better) will tell you.

2. This video.


Because it’s clearly satire, but far too pitch-perfect to be humorous.