1. She is still obsessed with My Chemical Romance, but she handled the news of their recent breakup with much more maturity than I expected. Not that she hasn’t grieved. People are still offering her their condolences.

2. She has discovered the Aquabats, and they are serving as sort of a side obsession. Nothing can compare to the MCR obsession, but the Aquabats are definitely in second place, even if it’s a distant second.

3. Her favorite part of The Avengers was Loki because she thinks he’s hot. She has a Loki action figure. She has always had a thing for bad guys, starting when she was four years old and obsessed with Bowzer in the SuperMario video game. I don’t think this bodes well for her future with men.

4. Speaking of Bowzer, we still have the Bowzer Christmas ornament she made out of copy paper when she was four. I told you she was obsessed with him. She really was.

5. Her first major crush—as in I-think-I’m-in-love-and-I-don’t-know-what-I’ll-do-when-he-graduates-from-middle-school—was on a boy who is now a girl. At least he identifies as a girl now. I suppose I should say she identifies as a girl now. PZ has a hard time with the pronoun issue, too. It’s cool, though. They’re friends on Facebook, and she’s totally over him/her now. But I’m not sure how this bodes for her future with men, either. Or women.

6. She still doesn’t like church, but she likes her Sunday School teacher because, as she says, “He’s off his trolley.”

7. She has a talent for asking unanswerable questions right before it’s time to go to bed.

8. She’s not stalling with the questions. I think that’s just one of the few times she doesn’t have to compete with her siblings for my attention. She’s actually very keen to go to bed. She’s asleep before anybody else, including her seven-year-old sister. Not a night owl, she.

9. She is remarkably responsible about doing her school work, considering how incredibly disorganized she is.

10. She enjoys making jewelry. She made herself a Gerard Way charm bracelet.

11. She has a Gerard Way pillowcase. She jokes about making out with it every night because if she didn’t, her father would just tease her about it anyway.

12. Her dentist said she was the youngest patient he’d ever seen with wisdom teeth. I mention this because it seemed like a pretty big deal to him. Dentists can get excited about some weird things. PZ has noticed she gets everything about two years before everyone else does (breasts, menses, wisdom teeth). I said maybe she’d get early menopause, too. She didn’t know whether or not to be excited about that.

13. She likes Batman and enjoys playing Arkham Asylum. Or is it Arkham City? She has both. I can’t remember which is which.

14. At a planning meeting for our church’s girls camp, she got ticked off about something and I had to escort her from the room, but not before she yelled, “This is why women should have the priesthood!” and “That’s right, I’m one of those craaaaazy feminists!” Which was a little embarrassing at the time, but totally awesome in retrospect.

15. She is fifteen years old today!