I’m waiting for my son’s bus to arrive. What is my excuse for not showering before then? Well, I thought I would practice my clogging today, and I figured, what’s the point of showering before clogging? There is none. So I waited until after I clogged. Unfortunately, I did not start clogging until about 1:30, and by the time I was finished there wasn’t really time to shower before picking up the girls from school. So why couldn’t I shower once I got home? Not that it isn’t gross enough to go out in public after having not showered and clogged and not showered still–but, you know, I’m already friendless, so what difference will a shower really make at this point? Back to my previous question: When I got home, I had to have Princess Zurg sign a page of her application for a summer class at the community college, which I forgot to have her sign before because I didn’t see it before, and then I had to e-mail it to my husband so he could fax it from work. That seems overly complicated. Well, it was. And then it was time to sit here and wait for Elvis’s bus.

I do believe, though, that I will shower after Elvis gets here. I am beginning to gross myself out.

The school year is almost over. As I believe I said earlier, I am very nervous about the end of school. More to the point, I am nervously awaiting the arrival of summer. Everyone else says they can’t wait because then they won’t be on someone else’s schedule. I like not being on someone else’s schedule, but unfortunately, once I’m off the school’s schedule, I’m pretty much on my children’s schedule, and that can be much more grueling (even if it does start later in the morning). I wish I could just kick them outside and not worry about them until dinner time–actually, it would be even better if they could just forage for food and not even bother me for dinner–but no, they have camps and play dates and they’re bored and they want to learn how to ride a bike, blah blah blah. I had a whole 8 1/2 months of kids-in-school-for-several-hours, and I squandered it wondering what on earth I wanted to do, and this is my punishment.

At this point I am so aware of my un-showeredness that I can no longer think clearly. Except that I am remembering that I haven’t taken my happy pills or my iron supplement, in addition to not having eaten lunch today. How on earth did I miss lunch? What was I doing instead? I don’t even remember!

This is why I need to shower much earlier in the day.