1. He grew several inches over the summer and is now the tallest kid in the family, much to his older sister’s dismay. It’s possible that he may grow to be taller than his father someday. Maybe. A year ago I would not have said so.

2. He can pick me up and lift me off the ground for several seconds, despite the fact that I weigh as much as he does. Must be a center of gravity thing.

3. He still likes to be tucked in at night.

4. He just got his Facebook account, which thing he was very much looking forward to, for reasons I don’t fully understand. Most of his peers are not on the Facebook. I told him he had to be friends with me and his dad and also his sister. He balked at being friends with his sister, but eventually agreed.

5. He has gotten very good at playing the trombone. He is section leader for the seventh grade band, but he lost out to an eighth grader for section leader of the jazz band. He was very upset about the latter because he felt he didn’t play his best at the audition. Since then, he has been practicing every morning before school. Amazing!

6. His voice is changing.

7. He enjoys being a deacon at church. He hasn’t let the power go to his head. Much.

8. He looks very handsome. I think girls might like him. I think he likes the idea of girls more than girls themselves.

9. He is still obsessed with football, especially the Ducks.

10. He’s taken to punctuating all his smart[alec] remarks with “OHHHHHHH, SNAP!” which should be annoying, but so far it just amuses me.

11. His e-mail address includes several digits of pi. He still likes pi an awful lot.

12. He just got his First Class rank in Boy Scouts. Actually, he earned it a million years ago, but he was just awarded it. You know I’m kind of reaching for fun facts when I have to bring up Boy Scouts.

13. He is thirteen years old today.

(Tangentially-related fun fact: When I started this blog, he was three and couldn’t pronounce his L’s and R’s properly. Cwazy!)