What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

What a thing to ask. How many shots does one get at a perfect day? How can I possibly get it right?

I think the perfect day, for me, would have to be a day where no one expected me to do anything. I wouldn’t have to do any housework or run any errands or answer any phones or cook any food or drive anywhere. I would probably just spend the day in one place, unless I felt like taking a walk. Which I might, if weather permitted. So I would want the weather to be just right. Sunny, but no more than 74 degrees Farenheit, I think. Maybe 76, but that might be pushing it. I think 74 would be just about perfect.

I would definitely take a nice, long walk in 74 degree weather.

On a “perfect” day I would get a lot of writing done and most of it would not suck.

But I would also do some reading because I like to read. I read plenty on imperfect days, of course, but I am not happy on days that I read not at all. But on a perfect day I would only read a really good book. Maybe I would re-read one that I already knew I liked.

I would not need a nap.

I would eat out for all my meals so I wouldn’t have to prepare any food or clean up afterward.

Do other people figure into my perfect day at all? I have a handful of friends–well, maybe not a handful, but three specific friends I can think of whom I haven’t seen or talked to for a long time, and I would like to be able to spend a few hours talking with any one of them. But not all day because if it were all day, I’d probably get performance anxiety and worry that I was never going to be able to entertain them for that long.

At the end of my perfect day I would have my family back and I could tuck all of my kids in without having to watch them brush their teeth first or comb anyone’s hair or stay up while they finish the homework they forgot to do, and I could hug my son goodnight and then let go instead of wrestling with him for ten minutes before he agrees to release me. Then I’d spend time with my husband and fall asleep and never wake up again because every day after this one would suck in comparison.

Just kidding!

I forgot to mention that also on my perfect day, all the problems in the world would be solved and I wouldn’t have to feel guilty for having a perfect day while millions of other people were suffering. Did you know my narcissism ran that deep? Well, it does.