UPDATE: Since I published yesterday’s post, at least one of my questions has been answered. The reason we know about the Christian pizza parlor and its conscientious objection to gay weddings is because the reporter who did the story went into Memories Pizza parlor and asked the owners what they would do if they were asked to cater a gay wedding. This diminishes my scorn for the pizza parlor owners considerably, given that they didn’t deliberately set out to make spectacles of themselves. One can still argue that if you want to stay in business these days, the answer to the question “Would you ever cater a gay wedding?” should either be “Sure, why not?” or “No comment.” (Though I must say, that last one is not without its risks.) So I think these folks are mostly guilty of being a) too invested in where their pizza ends up and b) too naive to realize that refusing to cater a gay wedding is akin to throwing homosexuals into concentration camps and they should be prepared to suffer the social consequences. In this case, the consequences look like they are out of the pizza business for the time being, and maybe for good. Well. I hope everyone’s happy.

Personally, I’m disgusted. As I wrote at length yesterday, I think the restaurant owners’ position is kind of ridiculous. This is not to say their religious belief–that gay marriage is wrong–is ridiculous (no comment), just that their application of said belief is ridiculous, given that they’re not being asked to officiate or put their stamp of approval on anything. That is not a commentary on whether or not their refusal to cater gay weddings should be legal. I could give you my opinion on that, but it would undermine my position that this whole issue is too stupid to argue about. What disgusts me is that somebody thought a single business’s position on catering gay weddings was a newsworthy subject. What was this reporter trying to accomplish, aside from stirring up trouble? NOTHING HAD HAPPENED YET. Nobody had asked this pizza parlor to cater their gay wedding and nobody had been discriminated against, legally or otherwise. What was the “news” in this story? There was no news, just a fantasy.

I can’t imagine that there wasn’t a less destructive way to fill three minutes on this station’s news program. Really, what did they think would happen once this story aired? Again, it is hard to believe someone could be so naive in this day and age. Badly done, ABC 57! Badly done!